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Name: Sigyn Freyasdotter (sea-jin)
Alias: Incantation Fetter, Sig, Siggy, Troublemaker, Princess goes on
Gender: Female
Date of Birth: April 17th, the same day as Sigrblót.
Sexuality: Sigyn does not believe in being either heterosexual or homosexual. Such a term simply does not exist to the daughter of Freya. If she has love for either woman or man, then there are no issues with which their genders be
Height: 5' 5½"
Weight: Never ask a lady Vanir warrior that!
Hair: Golden-colored hair; long.
Eyes: Blue (she has a habit of changing it to brown when she so pleases)
Other Physical Features: She has a scar on her left hip from a rock-climbing accident when she was about four allotted Midgardian years old
Universe: Marvel Live Action (up to you whether or not she is AU or OU. I prefer OU but sometimes that might not swing with your comfort zone). One thing I would like to note that unless I state in the line where Sigyn is in canon...then you cannot assume what she is like (I accept some self-made headcanon and I won't flip over a few tidbits, but if you have Loki and Sigyn married, you better leave a whole lot of skeletons 'round)

However, when she is in a game, she is reverted to before anything happens between her and Loki (if anything). She is simply the daughter of Freya at the start and only knows second-hand knowledge of the city. Feel free to deny the things that Sigyn claims of Asgardia, as depending on your preference of headcanon, they could and could not be true. I try to leave most of her information about Asgardia as glib as possible so that OU MCU Asgardians can keep their headcanon.


Threadhopping with this character?: Hey, I do it, so you can, too!
Backtagging with this character?: Go for it!
Open to Meme Tagging?: Mhmm!
Smut/NC-17 Meme Tagging?: I don't have any issues.
Musebox/Private Story Line (PSL)?: I love museboxing, and feel free to drop me a line if you'd like to do some private threading; I have no issues with private story lines, only that they respect Sigyn's character
Comment-spam?: I can get real ridonkulous with comment spam, and so long as your comments are not ads for Soviet Russia, I'm dandy.
Prose?: Prose or brackets are my babylove.
Long-term Plotting?: I'll think you're really sweet for getting invested in the museboxing this way.
Comics-verse/Comics MCU'ed Castmates?: Bring 'em one and all
Cross-canon CR?: GIMMEE!
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Threading with duplicates of your character?: Not all that fond of duplicate tagging, but if you can keep me entertained, I'll give it my best effort.
Hugging this character?: Yes please!
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Romantic Relationships?: Of course!
Punching this character: Hey, sometimes she deserves it
Injury?: You have the clearance to punch away
Death?: Okay, this you will have to PM me about
Triggers?: No rape; absolutely no rape
Player Timezone: Eastern Pacific
Anything else?: Something that I've made a constant in Sigyn's history is that she knows of Loki from her mother. As most Lokis have in their headcanon that he knew and often bedded the goddess Freya, I've used this rarely without fail. However, if you are not comfortable with this, go ahead and assume that Sigyn is AU
IC =/= OOC: Sigyn has a tendency to be a bit of a brat. So she'll say things often just to get your character's goat. Admittedly, I, too, can be a prat, so feel free to call me out on it. But if you get a less than graceful answer, don't be surprised. GIve me a day or two to chill before you get a composed, and apologetic reply.
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How is my driving; tell me if there is anything I should do more of or less of with Sigyn. I appreciate total honesty, but I will ignore anything nonconstructive.
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art by [ profile] venomousjello, commissioned by me
Seriously go commission her, she's AMAZING

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seriously, my friend Venny is totes awesome
she made this for me as per request of myself
it's [profile] weddingcracher's Holiday present since she's absolutely wonderful, a great friend, and Sigyn's number one gal pal!

Venny is doing more art this month, so pop in to her tumblr, [ profile] venomousjello and commission her! Her prices are very fair and she's wonderful to talk to while you're waiting on your commission. She's never let me down, always delivers the most lovely work, and has even added a few extra touches for no cost.
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more artwork by the amazing catie
Link and Sigyn cuties

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Sigyn casts a silence spell upon the front door so that when it opens, it doesn't make a sound. It usually creeks noisily (the hinges needed a good oiling) but the spell deafens the racket, making Sigyn's steps practically nonexistent except for in their appearance. She puts her foot inside the doorway, then pushes through the opening with her five-month-old baby belly, making sure to put her palms against the wood finish to open the door all the way, briefly letting inside the warm, cozy house a bit of a wintery draft. The three rabbits she'd hunted while she was out go into the sink basin so that they may be cleaned before being skinned.

The cold bites at Sigyn's cheeks and she shivers. She quickly closes the door, removes the silence spell, and then goes to the still-burning kitchen hearth and removes her gloves, ignoring the stench of fresh blood on the rabbits that's strangely pungent to Sigyn's nostrils. Sigyn almost has to grab onto the hearth mantle during yet another spell of nausea, but it passes, and, relieved, she starts a fresh pot of water to heat in the kettle in the hearth.

Once that's done, she sheds her clothing down to her flax linen shift and stuffs her wet, snowy things in a pile next to her so that they can warm by the fire. She runs her fingers through her damp golden hair, hoping it will dry by the time Loki wakes up. Which won't be for a couple hours, since Sigyn woke up particularly early to go hunting so that Loki would not object.
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I have always wanted to do this. Just gib-gab about Sigyn for an entire entry. Feel free to exit out if you want, because no one is forcing you to stick to this webpage, right? If so...I recommend a pry-bar and duct-tape. You deserve better, dude. Seriously.

Okay! So on to the gabbing!

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"teach me to love unconditionally."


profile pic made for me by my bud [ profile] omgsherlock. thnx bb!!
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For the Vanir royal family, sorcery is paramount. Only the royalty of Vanaheim carry the talent for magic and in the olden days of Vanaheim it meant great expectations from the people, for, the royalty are meant to use their magic for the greater good of Vanaheim. However, within Asgard, these expectations are downplayed, but nonetheless, revered.

Magic is motion of all life, and it can be shaped and turned into various uses of which can bring great benefits to the Vanir. Uses such as Freya's crop magic which was developed by her mother to help summer and spring crops flourish even in the harsh cold of autumn and winter. Magic is primarily used for betterment, however, even the Vanir can accept that young people's reactions to magic can be less than gratifying to the whole. Young people are prone to childish games and immature decision-making skills. Their own King Njord, when he was young, would often cause mischief about his parents' house and run amok with his nineteen siblings. But just because it is accepted, does not mean that it is always accepted. The princesses of Vanaheim are not above a good tongue lashing. For instance, once when Princess Sigyn was young, she had pilfered apples from a food storage within the fortress. She was locked in her rooms with no magic and no toys to entertain herself.

But I am getting off-topic, aren't I?

Magic within the royal family is handed down from blood relative to blood relative, with no magical inheritance passing on to those without the inkling of magic (usually from a severely mixed union in which the royal blood is heavily diluted by the blood of those who are not royalty. Grandfathers, sons, mother, daughters, and nephews are all given the opportunity to hone their magics, and most of the time, these expectations go without warning, and are rarely refused, as refusing to hone your magic in the royal family is a great honor, as well as a blessing for your future.

Among the royal family, magic is like lifeblood. The royal family relies upon magic for defense, control, mundane tasks, and benefiting the Vanir people. Magic is so attached that to be robbed of magic is to kill them, as they were born with magic in their bodies, not gaining magic later on in their lives. From start to finish, magic is lifeblood, and should be given great respect, and not abused for the sake of pettiness and deliberate, outright cruelty (however, magic during battle and for defense is accepted because battle is seen as a necessity for surviving).

Spells, charms, incantations and other varieties of magic are handed down from family member to family memeber, and are all taught to the next generation so as to continue to incredibly long use of ancient magics that have existed since the wolf first chased the moon above Midgard! With each generation, the magic grows stronger, having been influenced by every sorcerer and sorceress who claims the magic as their own through minor editing or full-blown spell recreation. Spell recreation magic is considered one of the oldest of Vanir magic strategies and is not to be taken lightly. As magic is passed through the family, it is also used as a bond of which to tie mother to daughter and uncle to niece and so on and so forth.

To Sigyn Freyasdotter, to harness magic is to share her power with her legion of ancestors. To use their magic and their spells is to reach back into the past and see what they had seen and use in ways she had never thought to conceive. Magic is a method of connection between her and her family, and a bond that extends eons before her time. Magic is not just a power, it is a gift, and to have magic means to have great responsibility to her people -- that she will do great things and help her people in the hard years to come under the Aesir regime. Magic is warmth, comfort, and pleasure. There is a comfort to harnessing magic; a feeling that lays upon the heart and allows a constant feeling of comfort and courage.
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seriously! you can just put on some aviator shades and rock out to it!
totally a Sigyn "whatever" song.
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Family is incredibly important to the Vanir. To know the names of the people who share the blood that runs through your veins is paramount for even the bastards of the Vanir. The Goddess Freya, daughter of King Njord of Vanaheim, is mother to seven bastards -- her daughters, each born out of wedlock with a man she had taken for a companion for some time, are technically illegitimate, but as their grandfather is King, and their mother royal in her own right, the princesses are declared "true-blooded" from the hour that they are born.

In the Vanir fortress, you can be half elf or half dwarf, and you will still be called a Vanir, no matter if you are a third Vanir or a fifth Vanir. If you are Vanir, then it stands as reason that you belong to Vanaheim, and don't question it -- no ever has. To disavow a person as a Vanir is capital crime in the fortress, as it is seen that, the person is not just attacking a fellow Vanir, but they are attacking Vanaheim as well, and the old verdict had been that those naysayers be put to death. However, time has softened the hard heart and instead, prolonged exile is used, provided the criminal return and seek penance. This tactic has not been used in centuries, and it is safe to assume that so long as the Vanir remain in their fortress, that the tactic will continue to go unused.

Families are responsible for passing on knowledge of Vanaheim, raising the young to think their lost, forgotten home still such, though they remain in Asgard. Children are raised to spite the Aesir and all they entail, from their shining gold city to their All Father, Odin, and his sons, Prince Thor Odinson and Prince Loki Odinson. But it is not only the hate of Aesir that the Vanir share. Mothers and fathers teach their children their family's craft, whether it be pottery, weaponry, or bookkeeping. It is considered shameful if a child does not accept the craft handed down to them, though they are welcome to experience other crafts, so long as they remain with the craft given to them.

In the same vein, families are responsible for keeping the stories of Vanaheim alive in the minds of the youths so that they may pass the stories along to their own children, and thus, continue the cycle. Because of the constant cycling of stories, not often does a new story play into the cycle, lest they are separate from the stories of old. Storytelling is an important art in the fortress -- details so heavily used in order to keep every single memory of their past with them. The color of the trees in Vanaheim's autumn, the shape of a stone's edge from the babbling brooks -- it all must be included. To outsiders, this may appear frustrating.

Close relatives are highly valued and given great deal of respect. The Vanir have a strong belief that, to avoid repeating the mistakes of the past, they must respect the past and all that it had entailed. There is a saying among the Vanir that goes "I move my feet to the future, else I may trip if I look back". But that is more to their elderly than to family, though elderly are family. When a parent dies, it is customary for that parent to leave to their child an item of sentimental value.

For example, Sigyn Freyasdotter was left her father's fractured sword when her father, Iwaldi, died in battle against trolls when Sigyn was a little girl. Sigyn is expected to take great care for her father's sword, and since receiving it, she has sharpened it into a dagger -- a respectable decision of keeping the weapon in use even after its previous owner passed into Valhalla.

Should Sigyn lose the dagger, it will be a great shame upon her and she shall be called careless and unworthy of her father's blessings.

To date since arrival in Asgard, there has been but one cause of disobedience to the tradition. King Njord's own son, Frey, gave away the sword left to him by his mother to a Jotunn family in order to receive blessing on his desire to wed their only daughter, Gerd. Though Gerd and Frey were wedded, the abandonment of the sword enraged Njord, causing great bouts of anger between father and son. Frey and his wife moved to Alfheim where they remain to this day, and annually host respite for Frey's sister, Freya, and her daughters, as Freya had been the only soul who had approved of Frey's nuptials.

Not many of Vanaheim dare to speak of Frey in Njord's presence.
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